Theft Deterrent

Helps cover expenses if your car is stolen.

Helps protect your vehicle and your wallet.

Allstate® Theft Deterrent pays you if your vehicle is stolen and not recovered in 30 days.


  • Provides easier ways for law enforcement to quickly identify your stolen vehicle for faster recovery
  • Reimbursement of your homeowner's or renter's insurance policy deductible for valuables taken from your stolen vehicle
  • Coverage terms of three or five years of protection

Coverage if your vehicle is stolen.1

Car Rental Car Rental
Up to $40 per day/20-day maximum
Trip Interruption Trip Interruption
Up to $500 maximum for lodging and meal reimbursement if your covered vehicle is stolen more than 100 miles from your home
Towing Reimbursement Towing Reimbursement
Up to $100 maximum for towing and $250 maximum for storage
Homeowners/Renters Deductible Homeowners/Renters Deductible
Up to $500 toward your insurance policy’s deductible for valuables stolen from your vehicle
Comprehensive/Collision Deductible Comprehensive/Collision Deductible
Up to $500 toward your primary carrier’s comprehensive/collision deductible if your vehicle is stolen and recovered within 30 days

Ask your dealer about Allstate® Theft Deterrent.2

This product is sold through authorized dealers around the country.
You're In Good Hands®
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