Peace of mind wherever you drive.

Allstate® Vehicle Protection Products help protect you from unexpected expenses that can come with owning or leasing a vehicle.

Vehicle Service Contract
Allstate® Vehicle Service Contract

Extended repair protection that goes the distance.

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Signature Certified Wrap
Allstate® Signature Certified Wrap

Keep your car running like new.

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Long-Term Powertrain Wrap
Allstate® Long-Term Powertrain Wrap

Vehicle protection that keeps up with your life.

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Guaranteed Asset Protection
Allstate® Guaranteed Asset Protection

Don’t be left paying on a car that no longer exists.

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Tire & Wheel Protection
Allstate® Tire & Wheel Protection

Beyond protection from the pavement.

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Complete Protection
Allstate® Complete Protection

Key replacement to tire repairs and replacements.

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Paint & Fabric Defense
Allstate® Paint & Fabric Defense

Keep your vehicle looking like it just came off the lot.

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Excess Wear & Tear
Allstate® Excess Wear & Tear

Helps protect your wallet from lease-end charges.

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Theft Deterrent
Allstate® Theft Deterrent

Helps cover expenses if your car is stolen.

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