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Allstate Vehicle Protection Products, also known as finance and insurance (F&I) products and programs, are marketed by Allstate Dealer Services through independent agents and third party administrators to auto dealers, lenders, credit unions, and manufacturers.
Products include Vehicle Service Contracts, Guaranteed Asset Protection, Tire & Wheel Protection, Complete Protection, Paint & Fabric Defense, Excess Wear & Tear, and Theft Deterrent.
Products are issued and administered by the following companies:
  • Pablo Creek Services, Inc., a member of the Allstate family of companies
  • E.R.J. Insurance Group, Inc. d/b/a American Heritage Insurance Services, a member of the Allstate family of companies
  • SafeRide Motor Club, Inc., a company affiliated with Vehicle Administrative Services, Ltd.
Obligations under the product agreements are insured by:
  • First Colonial Insurance Company, a member of the Allstate family of companies
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